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It doesn't have to be scary. We are here to prepare you for the basics, the unknowns, and everything in between.


One by One

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all of the changes surrounding your pregnancy? Do you wish you just had someone to help support you through all of the questions and uncertainties you are facing? For our Parkgate clients, we offer a mentoring program called One by One. This unique program connects an expectant mom with a trained mentor who will walk with her, step by step, for the duration of her pregnancy, as well as through the baby's first year of life! You can learn more about what this support entails at (enter the One By One home page) or at your first Parkgate visit after receiving a positive pregnancy test.   


Fatherhood Program

Please check back soon! We are in the process of designing a program that will equip and empower dads to be the best they can be for their baby. Classes will cover topics such as: Being a Man and Dad, Fathering Skills, Child Development, and Work-Family Balance.